Extreme Activities
Extreme Activities

We offer the following extrem sports:
Biathlon, Ice Climbling, Snowkiting, Paragliding, Winter Paintball, Skidoo, Ski Jöring, Survival Camp, Husky Action, Winter Motocross.

Activities and Day Trips:


Ski Area Orientation Day

For experienced skiers only, explore your ski region with your local rep Christoph.


Some stones and an ice rink – that is all you need for ‘Eisstockschießen’. Once begun by throwing stones in wild disarray in the open air, it is today a very popular sport in Austria and its international variety, curling, has become an Olympic Discipline.


At ‘Eisstockschießen’ two teams play against each other. Once the rink has been marked on the ice, the ‘Daube’, the button, is set. Now the aim is to get one’s stone as near as possible to the button. That is very difficult to achieve and needs a lot of feeling and practice. You may sometimes feel annoyed if, shortly before the close of a ‘Kehre’, as the ends are called at ‘Eisstockschießen’, one of your opponents succeeds in removing your stone with his own and in placing the latter next to the button – victory will then be his.


Ice Skating

Ice skating at its best: whether on a frozen lake, like in Zell am See or at an ice rink, once the sun makes the ice glitter and you are gliding across it, real relaxation sets in.


Many resorts have indoor ice rinks where national and international ice hockey teams, ice skaters and short track sportsmen find the best of conditions for practicing. There is also enough room for amateurs and the semi-professional ‘skating nobility’.


Horse sleigh rides

Real happiness on this earth is to be found on the back of a horse, as people say. Enjoy romantic rides in horse-drawn carriages. Equipped with a packet of hot chestnuts and flasks filled with drinks, you are heading off, with warm blankets on your laps to let the fairy tale countryside glide by you, through forests, past lakes and rivers. This activity can be enjoyed during the day as well as at night time.


Winter Hikes & Ski Tours 

The summer through blossoming mountain meadows, and in the wintertime through the snowy forests in snow shoes. All year long, the Austrian Alps are a dream destination for hiking friends. A widespread network of trails sets no limits at all.


Sturdy footwear and winter-proof clothing are a must for any tour through the snow. A thermos flask of hot tea should also be taken with. The best thing would be to tell someone else where you are planning to go on your tour. Those who do not want to go by themselves can join guided winter walks, especially when going on a ski tour an experienced mountain guide is highly recommended!


Snowshoe hiking is a true nature experience as you exercise amid crystal clear air in the Austrian mountains. You don’t necessarily have to be a very sporty person to enjoy snowshoe hiking. Accompanied by a mountain guide, your tour will definitely be a nice excursion amid a pretty snow-covered nature. By the way, snowshoes have a very long tradition but the new materials ensured a new boom and replaced the old tennis racket-like shoes.



Probably the best fun activity in the snow. Day and night lit toboggan tracks are a feature in practically all resorts. Speed, fun and excitement are guaranteed when racing down the snowy track on a classic wooden sleigh. Be sure to adhere to the safety instructions to avoid accidents!


Snow Tubing

Tubing on snow is a wintertime activity that is similar to tobogganing. This kind of tubing is almost always performed on a hill or slope, using gravity to propel the rider to the bottom of the grade. The rider will then often return to the top of the slope with his or her tube and repeat the process. The low amount of friction between most tubes and snow allows tubers to reach considerable speeds up to 40 km/h.


Ten-pin bowling

In Austria Ten-pin bowling is called “Kegeln”. Kegeln is very similar to the American bowling just that the ball is half the size and the rules are slightly different.



Day Trips:


Salzburg - The Mozart City:

Picturesque journey passing the Wild Emperor and Loferer Steinberge Mountains and the spa resort of Bad Reichenhall, we arrive in the festival city of Salzburg (Sound of Music, Mozart´s birthplace) where you will have approx. 4 hours to explore the city at leisure. For this journey a valid passport is required!


Innsbruck - Swarovski Crystal Worlds:

The most comfortable and quickest way to visit the capital of Tyrol. On our way back we will visit the famous Swarovski Crystal Worlds with the subterranean Chambers of Wonder presenting a fabulous display of crystalline colours and shapes.




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