Lech / Zürs


In Lech, all you see is white - and lots of it. Located above tree level, the resort sprawls out across snow-covered peaks as far as the eyes can see - and as far as the legs can ski.


The Arlberg resort is situated in Vorarlberg, Austria, connected via lift with Zuers and via ski bus and common lift ticket with the resorts St. Anton, St. Christoph and Stuben. All resorts together carry the name of the Arlberg resort.  This high-class village, sometimes referred to as the "Aspen of Austria," promises its guests a wealth of the two quantities which are the ultimate in luxury - time and space.


Lech is so panoramic that you have a perfect view from every possible run on and off-piste - as well as in town. Located at an altitude of 1,450 meters (4,757 feet), Lech is a cozy, relaxed, high-class village that provides contemporary comforts without detracting from its commitment to tradition.


NEWS - Closing the loop!

New cableway link between Zürs and Stuben/Rauz in winter 2016/17!

This will make the Arlberg skiing area the largest contiguous skiing area in Austria, boasting 305 km of downhill skiing as well as 87 lifts and cableways!


Accommodation options in Lech / Zürs
Accommodation options in Lech / Zürs

The "pearl" of the Austrian Alps and part of the Arlberg ski pass to St Anton. Supreme village setting on 1.500 m altitude.

Family value ***       Child value  ***    Vibe/Action  ****  

Experienced  *****    Beginners  ***




Lech / Zürs Pist map
Lech / Zürs Pist map
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