Ischgl is a vibrant and pulsating town. A large but traditional Tyrolean village below one of Austria's greatest and highest ski areas, crossing the border to be linked with Samnaun. Stars like Tina Turner, Elton John and Jon Bon Jovi drew a crowd of over 20.000 thus contributing in making Ischgl an unparalleled holiday destination for young and old.


Ischgl has an enticing selection of restaurants and diners for every taste and pocketbook. Every year the town invests in new local attractions to offer the highest standard in year round recreation possible. Ischgl is a charming and fascinating Tyrolean town offering a whole host of activities for the sports minded and those who enjoy life at an altogether more leisurely pace.


Thanks to its central location at a main watershed, the area benefits from two meteorological flows, which produce a lot of rich powder snow in winter and excellent corn snow in spring. But the most distinguishing feature of Ischgl is the unusual length of the winter season. In other winter sports resorts the season lasts from December to March, whereas in Ischgl the season does not end before early May. The ideal climatic conditions and geographic features in combination with well-groomed ski slopes have made Ischgl the perfect place to enjoy sun skiing in spring.


Accommodation options in Ischgl
Accommodation options in Ischgl

One of Austria´s most vibrant, pulsating, greatest and highest ski areas ... but also one of the most expensive resorts.

Family value ****   Child value ****   Vibe/Action **** 

Experienced   *****  Beginners  ****




Ischgl Pist Map
Ischgl Pist Map
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