Incentive tour 2013

Michaela / Thomas


On behalf of all the team at Empowered Spaces, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a fantastic skiing holiday and experience in Austria.


It is not often one acknowledges great service, but we would all like to commend you on the friendly, accommodating, relaxed and committed nature of the entire Ski Austria team. From the early days of our enquiry with Thomas in August last year, through the booking process to the actual week in Austria with Michaela, Cristoph and Andreas, your performance has been stellar, and needs to be recognised as such. Every member of our party, from the seasoned skiers to the first time travellers had an amazing time, and the entire experience exceeded everyone's expectations, as well as my own ambitions. We genuinely couldn't have asked for a better result.


While the choice of Gotzens was driven by seasonal options, in the end I believe it worked out to be a better destination than a big resort. I think everyone enjoyed the ambiance of a small town (especially the Bakery) which provided a quiet refuge while still only 15 minutes away from activities on the slopes and Innsbruck. Having considered the intentions of the trip from a corporate perspective, it also gave the Team the opportunity to spend time together, and get to know each other better.


Aside from my frustrations with the staff, even Hotel Edelweiss was sufficient and comfortable. I appreciated that Helmut was at least receptive to my comments, and would not discount visiting there again...


Everything about the skiing was brilliant, from the location to the instruction, restaurants etc etc... we even got lucky with the weather!


Innsbruck is a beautiful city and provided enough entertainment and shopping to fill the time. Salzburg was a wonderful day trip, especially the Red Bull Hanger, which was a great touch (and highly appreciated)... I am still trying to figure out what drug they were on at Swarovski, but it was beautiful none the less...


Anyway Michaela, Thomas, Christoph and Andreas, thank you again, we will definitely be seeing you again... while the 2014 plans are for a warm destination, another Ski Austria tour will be high on the agenda for 2015...


Kind Regards


Terence, Jonathan and the ESA Team.

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