Extreme Activities

Ice Climbling

Passionate ice climbers can't wait for the first frost! In Tirol they are spoilt for choice when it comes to wonderful ice climbing. Discover a wonderful world made of ice and snow! It's a unique highlight to find the path leading on top of the frozen waterfalls and icy walls.


Snow Kiting

Kite surfing and snow kiting is still a very young sport but there are already a great variety of possibilities both on water and on snow. The Alps with its numerous valleys and high-altitude plateaus make a truly unique paradise for snow kiting fans!
Snow kite lessons are offered throughout Tirol on a regular basis, especially at lake Achensee, lake Reschensee and in Hochfilzen.



Biathlon is a perfect blend of two exciting sports. It has many positive effects on your body and mind as you need enough cross-country skiing stamina and a good physical shape and plenty of concentration and skills at the shooting range – a truly exciting sports combination.


Survival Camp

"Back to Nature" is the motto of the survival camps offered in Tirol.

Test your survival skills in Nature!

How do I find my way without map? How do I make a campfire without matches? How do I make a fishing rod from twigs and bulrushes? Is it safe to eat worms? And how do I build a shelter for the night? Find the answer to all these questions and more during a Survival Camp.



Leave the daily grind behind and take the last step towards freedom and weightlessness. Everyday life is so far away. You only focus on the moment and the deep blue skies above you! Tirol makes a real paradise for paragliders as there is an array of wonderful spots. For example in the Wilder Kaiser – Brixental holiday region which hosted several internationally renowned competitions, or in the lovely Zillertal valley and within the picturesque Wildschönau region. Not to forget the Venet summit in the surroundings of Landeck and the area close to Lienz where weather conditions are said to be stable. 


Husky Action / Mushing

Enjoy a wonderful day with a husky sleigh ride either with a group of friends or with work colleges thru panoramic scenery on a beautiful winter day.

Winter Motocross 

Motocross is a sport for Motorbikes and quads. Motocross in winter is called Supercross. You drive on a prepared outdoor track. The bikes that are used are only for off-road use. Drivers always wear a complete body protection that includes, helmet, gloves, knee-, elbow- and bake protectors.

Winter Paintball

Paintball ist ein Mannschaftssport, bei dem Gegenspieler mit Hilfe von Druckluft- oder Gasdruckmarkierern und Farbgeschossen markiert werden. Markierte Spieler müssen das Spielfeld verlassen.Paintball hat seinen Namen durch die verwendete Farbmunition erhalten, die aus mit Lebensmittelfarbe (Paint) gefüllten Gelatinekugeln (Balls) besteht. Sie wird durch den Gasdruck einer CO2- oder Druckluftflasche mit dem sogenannten Markierer verschossen 



Als Schneemobile oder Motorschlitten werden Kraftfahrzeuge bezeichnet, die auf nicht präparierten Schneepisten ein bis zwei Personen transportieren können 


Ski Jöring

Skijöring is a winter ski sport originally from Scandinavia. A Skier gets toed either from a horse, motorbike, racing car or husky’s on a prepared off-road track. By doing this you have to be careful not to fall over or be thrown out of the corner because of the centrifugal force. 

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