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Affordable ski packages to a wide slection of ski resorts in Austria.


The European Alps cover most of Austria, so it's really no surprise that this country is one of Europe's top ski destinations. Unlike some other European countries, Austrian ski villages are chocolate-box traditional and pretty, centring round an onion-domed church rather than a coach park. It also has a reputation for having high standard accommodation that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.


The slopes in Austria tend to be well laid out, with excellent mountain facilities, modern lift systems and pistes that don't tend to get too clogged with skiers (except for peak season when the whole of Europe goes skiing). Many resorts have pretty, tree-lined slopes, even if they aren't all that long. Boarders have been widely accepted for a while now and there is quite a 'scene' going on here. Choose from a wide selction of Austrian ski resorts below, each with it's own character and style.


SkiAustria Tours have been sending friends, families and corporates skiing since 1995 and the fact that you have chosen us to organise your snow skiing holiday tells us that you are a confident traveler, who enjoys being independent and does not need to be led by the hand every step of the way. This does not mean that the standard of our services is compromised, but rather that we allow you the freedom of planning your own itinerary around ours.


Our website covers almost every aspect of snow skiing in Austria and the online quoting system probably covers the rest BUT we appreciate that travel is not an automated process and we encourage you to contact us anytime.

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